E. Tyler Burton brings an intuitive sense of stillness and complexity to her compelling sculptures and mixed media works and installtions. Her work often tackles important issues in a subtle way. Her materials are simple: clay, paper, found objects or basic building supplies.

Burton, a Los Angeles and Palm Springs based artist, graduated with a BFA in photography from Brooks Institute. Her career in commercial photography expanded when she was exposed to the tactile process of ceramics at Ghost Ranch, New Mexico in the late 90’s. She then went on to study under ceramic masters such as Cristina Cordova, Lisa Clague, Tony Marsh, Frank Phillips and Paul Soldner, as well as participating in numerous residencies at The Banff Centre for Art in Canada.

Her current work is centered around water and our human impact on the environment. She explores this subject with eerie cyanotype prints, large scale hand coiled figures, glaze encrusted ceramic water bottles and found glass melted into forms. Her work is both serene and provocative, encouraging contemplation.

Tyler finds inspiration in simple materials. Her studio is filled with found objects, metals, glass, and hardware items.  Her process flows from step to step influenced by the textural and visual qualities of these elements.  

Burton is collected both nationally and internationally. Her work has been in many exhibitions including The American Museum of Ceramic Art, The Whyte Museum of Canada and The Palm Springs Art Museum Artist Council show. She has been granted numerous residencies to The Banff Art Centre in Banff Canada

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